Sunday, March 28, 2010

Schools Lessons: The Pursuit Of Happiness

School Lesson Of The Week: You can spend your whole life pursuing happiness just to find out that you might never get it.

I went to an event today at my school. It was the "State of The Student Summit" and the speakers consisted of Cornel West, Ralph Nader, Susan Taylor, and many others. During the event one of the speakers talked about the pursuit of happiness. I think it was Ralph Nader. His words were very powerful and inspirational, but there was a problem.

Right before I left for the show I was watching the movie "The Pursuit Of Happiness." In the movie there was a part where Will Smith said something like what if it's called pursuing happiness because you can never really achieve it. That one part in the movie scared me. I don't want to spend my life making my dreams come true just to find out that they could never come true. It's bad, but because of all the bumps in the road I'm starting to realize that there is a possibility of me not reaching the goals that make me happy.

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