Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let Your Hair Down

Recently I went to this party. At the party I met this guy. He was nice. He asked me some questions to get to know me and then he told me about himself. Then he made an interesting observation.He told me that I seem like the reserved type. He said that I probably spend a lot of time by myself and I probably wear my hair in ponytails a lot. Well, I've come to realize that with age comes responsibility. Responsibility forces a person to forget about their needs and just focus on what helps them to survive. Once responsibility hits it becomes harder to steal those moments that are reserved for freedom. 

Well, since responsibility is coming fast in my direction I'm trying to grab every moment of freedom that I can take. I'm trying not to be reserved. I'm trying to have the feeling that I can do anything and there will be no consequences. I'm trying to let my hair down so it can blow in the wind. I'm trying to release my ponytail and be free.

The thought feels good, but the actions are much better. Now I'm about to go do something that reminds me that I'm young and I can still have fun.

I've already posted this song, but it fits for the post so...

Mya Ponytail

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