Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Once Django Was Unchained...

he started off as a joke. Did Quentin Tarantino do that purposely?

Wait, before Django was unchained BET spent a good four or five days playing the whole Roots series. From Kunta Kinte's (Toby's) enslavement to blacks becoming school teachers, reminders of how our ancestors have had to settle for what whites thought we deserved was stuffed down our faces. It was a real emotional roller coaster considering the fact that this is a season of Holidays.

Yeah, in case you forgot Christmas was yesterday, today started Kwanzaa, and New Years Day is a week away. Happy Holidays and now back to the movie.

Roots reminded us of how African Americans, niggers in these movies, have been given practically no options since being forced into this society so I expected the same from Django Unchained. Hah, this movie surprised me.

If you haven't watched, calm down. I'm not telling the whole movie.

However, Django Unchained started off as a joke. This is a slave movie, right? Before any shackles were released, I had forgotten. The beginning music sounded like the soundtrack to a 70's family show. Or maybe it was an old wild wild west type of show. Then there were way too many instances where Django said whatever he wanted to those white people. I was holding my breath tight waiting for them to put a bullet in him, but they never did. In Roots the whites didn't hesitate to cut off Toby's foot. Plus did I hear Rick Ross being played at one point? The history books didn't say anything about rap music going all the way back to the plantation.

Wait, let stop with the problems. The movie was great. It was entertaining. It showed revenge. It was so bloody that a smile crept upon my face without me even realizing. It was confusing at one particular point. Slaves defending whites? Was the fear that real? The first half of the movie is still a joke. I think Quentin Tarantino did that on purpose. Oh, and even with the love twist it was still a man's movie. Usually movies like that are.

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