Friday, December 7, 2012

Tamar Has That "Hot Sugar" (Music) And We Want To Listen

"He want that sugar. He want that sugar." Tamar Braxton is officially making it into my iTunes.

Did you see it coming? Did you see those hot beats with even hotter lyrics coming? Did you see how Tamar took all those arguments, that big mouth, and those good producers/writers and created masterpieces? I didn't see it coming, but Tamar and Vince's vision has come to fruition. She's officially an artist that people can recognize for her talents.

Let's face it. Tamar's singing abilities were questionable from the beginning. Since the Braxton's Family Values started all we've heard were loud mouths and arguments. Plus there have been moments where the family sang together. It was not the same as seeing Tamar sing by herself. Even in moments of singing irritably to her siblings, it was still hard to tell if she was really talented. However, no matter what Tamar kept preaching about working on her own music. Since she became the most popular sister, she was bound to get her own show, but what would the show be about?

When "Tamar and Vince" first premiered it was hard to tell the focus of the show. Was it on their life as a couple? They clearly argued a lot, Was it about Vince's health? He was sick. Was it about Tamar's career? She was in and out of the studio. I give Tamar her props for that. Some shows stick hip hop in their title and not one song is previewed/premiered throughout the season. Finally once the arguing calmed down (even the arguing in the studio), music started to be created. Finally at the season finale the television audience has been introduced to the talented artist known as Tamar.

There was one performance at one of the BET Award shows, but they gave Tamar the wrong song. It was too strong for her vocals. She did her best though. However, the new songs are perfect. Every song that Tamar has released a snippet of so far is hot. "Hot Sugar" is my favorite. When premiering the snippet of "Hot Sugar" on camera, they said it sounded like the first single. However, "Love And War" is actually Tamar's first single. You can download it off of iTunes now. 

I can't wait for the album. 

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