Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Ain't Over Yet? Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant

Remember when ain't wasn't a word. Is ain't still not a word? Well, there's still approximately 22 hours left in 2012 so I'm using it. Too much is taking place and has taken place this year to avoid the word ain't. For instance a very controversial celebrity (when it comes to dating and television) has just made a big announcement.

That celebrity is Kim Kardashian and she is pregnant. This announcement came from Kanye West in the middle of a concert tonight. Supposedly the announcement involved him calling her his baby mama. Ain't that a shame? Baby mama? Or is it a blessing? Kim K is a complicated woman. In the last year and a half she married, separated, started dating Kanye, and now just as 2012 ends she's pregnant with his baby. Oh, and Kim is still married to another man. That's complicated. Then on top it all Kanye predicted this by doing "Gold Digger" a while ago. Wait...

This is end of the year news. How did 2012 start off? In celebrity news Real Housewives of Atlanta were fighting in Africa. That was the first crazy thing of the year. Yeah, they went to a different continent to argue. Then there was Jakadrien Turner, a Dallas teen runaway, who was eventually found in Columbia. The story went that she ran away from Dallas to Houston, was caught by cops, and used an immigrants name. That immigrant was illegal and they sent her to Canada. In that year and a half she got a job, a man, and got pregnant. Her family was able to spot her through Facebook. During the time she was struggling but never asked for help. Something about this story inspired my life. That's where my 2012 started. There's really so much that happened in entertainment news, but this post is about me.

From the beginning it was all about getting cash. Hawaii was just months away so I had to save up. To those that don't know that's where my best friend was. It had been years since we'd seen each other and she was graduating with her second masters. Once my income tax refund came back I was set for the trip. The months were counted down. The day to go to Hawaii arrived. It started off interesting. Someone confused my luggage with theirs. I remember they had a pretty pink bow on their bag. I didn't. After that was cleared up the trip became extra fun. There were places, beautiful water, heavenly water, new people, events, men, bottle buying men, cute bottle buying men. Actually it was more than fun. It inspired me to continue my thoughts of one day leaving the jail cell known as Houston. I love my city, but I'm trapped for now.

Sidenote: I was jealous of all the fine men my best friend was surrounded by up in Hawaii. Plus they were willing to buy her bottles at the club for her birthday. Oh, the jealousy was high. 

Then once Hawaii was over reality hit again. Where was I supposed to go from there? Scrape up money to travel again? Just go to work? Find some friends in Houston? It became hard. Friends started becoming slimmer to hang out with. Something had to change. What month was it?

One of these months this year I stepped out and went to a club by myself. Well, the first trip happened at The Horn. For some reason that club closed, but it was okay. Another trip by myself involved the M Lounge, and then the most ratchet experience was at Carringtons. Carringtons had a drink called Blue Mothafucka. That's drink is dangerous for anyone who goes and tries it. Don't be the designated driver. Oh, there was an experience where I went for someone's birthday, was the designated driver, but was as drunk as everyone else. That was a fun night at Grooves. How many clubs did I actually go to this year? They can't all fit in one blog post.

Sidenote: This year after a club I ended up peeing in the back of a gas station for the first time. Everywhere was closed. I couldn't make it home. Before I started I looked around. There was absolutely no one. While in the act a homeless man came out of nowhere. Usually in movies the killer comes out of nowhere and shoots/stabs the girl to death. In the midst of my fear/embarrassment this homeless man just wanted money. The thing is I wanted money too, but not during that night behind a gas station with my dress hiked up and no underwear on. I couldn't successful use it with that thong still on. *covers face at the thought of that night*

Clubbing wasn't all I did. There was also lots of apartment hunting. I looked everywhere and for a second thought there would never be a place nice enough, but cheap enough for me to move into. In August I found that place and September moved in. The greatest part was it was all done by myself. No, I'm lying. That wasn't great. It was fucking stressful. Finding a place, picking out furniture, trying to load extra stuff in the apartment by myself was all hard.

Sidenote: My mom was trying to find out the price at the temporary apartment we had to move into, but nahh. I did not like that place at all. 

Where was my man? I know you're asking. He was non-existent. There was a guy that I stopped talking to after January 2, 2012. There were men that wasted my time asking for my phone number. They had no real plans. The one from the M Lounge was too old. So basically this year I've been single and alone, which wasn't exactly a bad thing. It helped me to at least focus on getting my own place and peace of mind.

Once peace of mind hit I was reminded of my goals. However, instead of discussing them with a million people I only discussed them with the ones I knew understood. Good friends always understand. Oh, and I spent time discussing with friend my lack of a lover life. The crazy part is in the last month of 2012 men have started to appear, I had great sex, and had some crazy approaches, but still no L word. Well, unless you're thinking of lust. Clearly lust is in the air.

Now it's the last day of 2012. I wish I had more to tell you. This year wasn't as adventurous as I wanted it to be. Maybe 2013 will be better.

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