Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Poem, To The Next Man

To The Next Man
I haven’t met you yet
But there’s something I have to admit
I’m sorry in advance
One day your feelings will heal
You’ll move on
Find the woman you’ve been searching for all along
Too bad it wasn’t me
I never meant to lead you on
I’m not even sure what I did wrong
Was it the way I stroked your ego?
That day I placed my arms around your neck
You were pulling me close
I think I whispered something about you being big and strong
Those words were true
I knew because I could feel you
Or was it from the kiss we shared?
That kiss confused us both
It started the rollercoaster ride to lost hope
I knew what I wanted in a man
But still having sex with you wasn’t in the plan
I wanted to wait and do things the right way
But you were persistent
Or maybe I wasn’t resistant
It all felt so damn good.
How did we get to this point again?
Oh yeah, I didn’t know your intentions
Was too afraid to ask any questions
And you didn’t ask what I wanted in a relationship
To the public we were just friends
Or maybe casual acquaintances
But then again they probably didn’t see us at all
We lived in our own world, operated on our own times, and created emotions in our own minds. That was the problem. We were so caught up with each other that we forgot to share with each other. By the time I realized I was falling for you, it was too embarrassing. I was too shy. What’s your excuse?
See even if we meet, don't have sex, just casually date, spend too much time together, our emotions would still get wrapped up in each other, and we will still run from each other. Why? Because we barely know each other, and that is actually what I’m sorry for.

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