Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Totally T-Boz, What Is This Show About?

Recently TLC (The Learning Channel) introduced us to totally new programming. One of these shows is about Tionne Watkins, better known as T-Boz. However, in watching the show I've found myself bored and confused about the point.

Is it about T-Boz trying to keep the group TLC alive? It's been a decade since we heard any music. However, the group's anniversary of when they first started was talked about. Then we saw Chilli in a clip. That doesn't seem to be a huge focus though?

Is this about T-Boz wanting to continue her singing career? We heard her sing in one clip. It is not the same girl who was one third of the TLC group. Plus she has an illness. She wants to have a career, but does not want to travel. I'm confused. If she does any little bit of activity she gets tired real quick. Maybe, just maybe, T-Boz needs to sit down somewhere and only reminisce.

Wait, could this be about overcoming her illness? In every clip almost as soon as T-Boz talks about her career, she goes and also mentions feeling sick. She had a brain tumor at one point. After surgery she had to relearn all abilities. Technically she's handicapped.She can't travel, can barely sing, and she's a single mom struggling with this illness.

The illness could be the focus, but I'm still not sure. Where is Totally T-Boz going? I'll give it until a third show. So far my attention is fading to something else.

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