Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thoughts Of Voyeurism

I want her to watch us. While our clothes are still on and he's staring at me while we engage in deep conversation about nothing at all I want her to pay close attention. She'll watch as we get in a cuddling position, being so close I'm practically sitting on his lap as we hold hands and our breathing becomes in sync.  I want her to feel weak with jealousy. Before anything happens she's already wishing she was me, wishing we could switch places, wishing I was the voyeur and she was the one in heat about to be pleased. As he kisses me, innocently on my cheek, then softly on the lips before our tongues start to meet I want her to start feeling crazy. She can't take it anymore, don't want to watch any further, but she stays anyway. As our clothes come off, he's a pro, moves fast, I want her to see my innocence. As I try to keep up because his experience turns me on, I want her to be tempted to join in. For a split second her mind wanders to ideas of a threesome. How could we make it work? How creative can this get? But the Bitch will stay in her place. I'm not the type to share; at least not today. However, she can't leave. I need someone to see how we start off, what we're doing right, and what's wrong. I need someone to see the lust in our eyes for each other and why it'll eventually turn into us not speaking to each other ever again. She'll see our pleasure, our pain, and the confusion that is to come. She'll be my voyeur, or maybe she's already me. 

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