Friday, January 11, 2013

Double Divas, What The Hell?

Lately new reality show on television have been making me say "What The Hell" a whole lot. From the names of the shows to what actually happens the craziness has seemed to get crazier. Lifetime's new show "Double Divas" is no exception to this.

"Double Divas" is about two best friends, Molly and Cynthia, who owns (possibly) the best lingerie store, "Livi Rae," the the world. People from practically everywhere travel to their Atlanta store just to get the perfect bra size. Their motto is that they can pick out the perfect bra size no matter how big or small. Their first episode tested this motto and had the audience (or maybe just me) going "What The Hell."

The "Double Divas" in this episode came from a woman claiming to have the biggest breasts ever. I don't know if they are actually the biggest anyone has had, but those things were dangerous weapons. They were so big that I would have given her a card to a doctor that could do a good breast reduction. There's no way she'll be walking straight in five years. Oh, back to the purpose of her visit. She walked in wearing what looked like rags sown together to create a sloppy bra. The bra held absolutely nothing up. She was begging for help. Of course the women did what they do best. They created a huge ass bra for her.

Then came the last couple minutes of the show. It was time to try the new bra on. This was the absolutely worse. I felt like I was watching a porno gone wrong. She tried her bra on and started feeling herself up. Music played in the background to fit her mood. The other women stared at her breast in amazement. They were all pleased. However, there was still a problem.

Her breasts did not actually fit that bra. The bra did give them a lift, but they were threatening to burst out of it for freedom. Plus she still needs a breast reduction. She can't seriously live with those weapons. They'll eventually turn evil on her. Oh, and why was only one bra made? Is she only going to wear one bra for the rest of her life? Are the bras at Livi Rae that expensive? Wait, What The Hell?

Okay, two shows premiered on 1/10/2013, but the second was not as interesting. I think I'll give this another chance next week though.

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