Sunday, January 27, 2013

Letter To The Future

Dear Future,
My past is my past. Nothing that has happened can be changed, which is cool. Yesterday I found out I actually had a story to tell. After so much focusing on hardcore journalism, entertainment, and just the regular happenings of stars, I discovered that I actually have a life of my own. I have a story to tell. In fact it's not a small story. It's actually a big story that keeps getting more interesting as the days go on. Sometimes parts of that story are mind blowing and crazy as hell. That's why I'm writing this letter to you.

Future, sometimes I'm afraid of how you'll turn out. My 16 year old self never imagined she'd be my 26 year old self. Sometimes my 26 year old self cannot believe she is who she is. For real, I feel like the same man keeps being attracted to me over and over. He just has a different face and name every time. Plus I'm not where I want to be in my career yet. I know people who have been around the world expanding their careers. My resume, on the other hand, is hidden on my computer. It's nothing to brag about. By the time I get to you, will you help me make it better?

Future, at one point in time I hated my life. I hated everything about it. Currently I'm discovering reasons to love being alive again. It's a hard task, but it's putting a smile on my face. Maybe it's the people around me that are making me smile. Maybe it's the little moments of being alone in a room filled with people, but not feeling lonely at all. I learned to love being by myself and sometimes it's hard to make room for being with someone else. Will you help me work on that?

Every time I think my life is boring, something happens to say the opposite. Most of the time I really do love this. It is refreshing to have new stories to tell.

Future, will you keep the stories coming? What should I expect from you? Wait, I can't wait to meet up with you one day. I can't wait to know how 36 year old Lashuntrice has changed.

(Oh wow, one day I'll be 36)

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