Thursday, January 21, 2016

Don't Leave (Poem)

Remember Omarion's song Don't Leave? I wrote my own version to it.

Don’t leave me now
You’re not the fuck ass nigga I once thought
Please, don’t leave me now
Cause I finally want, no I need you around
You have to stay
Cause you deserve to be with the woman I’ve become
I don’t want to yell
I don’t want to scream
I don’t want to cry anymore
But I’ll beg and plead for you to stay with me
Cause I just want to feel the love of yours
Don’t leave me now
After all the games a girl 'been playing 
I finally pushed you away
But don’t leave me now
I don’t want go back to the loneliness anymore
I promise I’ll love you more
However you want
I’ll love you more
You say I don’t do you the same
Allowed trust issues to get in the way
Now you want leave me alone when I’m tryna get better
But I can’t let you go so easily

I thought I posted this poem a long time ago, but it wasn't on here. I need to stop sharing my work with you all because I plan to put all my writing in books that you'll hopefully read. However, I can't keep this in hiding and not enough people pay attention to Facebook statuses. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know. I'm trying to become a better writer.

Woman Manifested book is coming soon. 

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