Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How Amazon Prime Made Me Lose My Mind In The Middle of The Night

Don't purchase Amazon Prime in the middle of the night just because you see a good movie to watch. The company will automatically take a whole $107 out of your account thinking you want to be with them for a whole 12 months. If  your money is often tight like most Americans, you'll freak out like I did. Then again, maybe I'm the only bored person in the middle of the night that makes mistakes like this. 

It was a mistake. I saw a movie that looked cool, realized it was a part of Prime, and I had used up my free month already. I cancelled before I could get charged a couple moths ago because nothing on it interested me then. However, this movie caught my attention and I decided to renew for a month. What I didn't know was this service is set up as a yearly plan, so I was caught off guard with over $100 was taken from my bank account right away. What happened next was worst. 

I tried to fix it on my own. The online site gave an option to cancel the yearly subscription and get my money back. I did that and then signed up for a month only. For some reason instead of sending me a reimbursement notice, my account was charged again. This time it was only $9.99 but at that point they had taken $117 out of my account instead of reimbursing me. Stupid Amazon also had the nerve to put up a message saying I'd be charged another $21 at the end of the month for cancelling. What???

This is when I went to Twitter to express my anger. I ranted hard until I remembered someone I was following had an Amazon Prime account. I asked her and she told me to call customer service. Why is customer service not easily accessible on the site? I had to go to google to find the number. 

In the next few days I should be getting my money deposited back into my account, but I'm frustrated. I just had to be tempted by that movie. Hulu and Netflix are honestly good enough and they have good money plans. 

P.S. I didn't watch the movie. It's called Goodnight Mommy. The cover looked good, but it wasn't even in English. Don't laugh. 

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