Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Boy Movie Review

I've been to the movies every weekend since Christmas. It's been cold outside and the lines have surprisingly been long. There was one weekend where there was absolutely no popcorn. I decided not to wait so I wouldn't missing the beginning of the movie. I hate missing the beginning of the movies. Always, this weekend I went to see The Boy and this is my review. 

Spoiler Alert: The boy is real. You just don't find out how real until the very end of the movie. You are left thinking a doll is moving on it's on, it's shedding real tears, and it's eating food. You think a doll really wants to listen to classical music, play games, and be tucked into bed every night. There's a point where you have flashbacks to the Annabelle doll and think there's a spirit attached to this one. 

At some points the movie is slow. The parents have disappeared and the babysitter is talking to a doll for God only knows how long. Since we never actually see the doll move on it's on, it's makes me feel a little crazy sitting there waiting to see what will happen next. If there wouldn't have been a romance written into this suspenseful film, it would have been a snooze fest. 

Overall, the movie was good. I wouldn't pay to see it a second time, but it was worth watching. 

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