Sunday, September 11, 2016

Should Bloggers Separate Their Blogs From Their Personal Social Media Pages?

Recently a blogger shared her frustration about not getting a lot of attention on her Facebook blog page. She said the likes and comments were basically non-existent and she didn't know what to do to get the attention of her followers. My suggestion to her was to use her personal page for more views.

The way Facebook works right now you can get more attention through the personal page because it's seen as more personal. If you use your blog page, you need to pay to get more views and pray people actually click the like button and comment when you spend your money. That is unless you're Tyrese or Trina. If you're a celebrity then the views will pour in naturally. However, we blogger need to come up with 10 different ways to get people to pay attention to us. Why not use our personal pages for help?

She was against the idea. Her reason is that she doesn't want to spam the people on her personal page.   It doesn't make sense. If you've been on Facebook since before 2010 your personal page should mostly consistent of family, friends, and associates. Your family is the people who helped shaped you into who you are today. Family members gave you rules growing up, taught you how to use the freedom you had, and made sure to motivate you when you need it. Your friends are the people you grew up with, or just met and made an unbreakable bond. Your associates on your page are people who have stuck around over the years because they've genuinely found you interesting. So why hesitate to share your blog site with them?

Just think about the way we react to celebrities. We don't just want to know when Beyonce is releasing her next album. One of our biggest motivations toward Lemonade was what was going on in Beyonce and Jay-Z's personal life. People harassed Rachel Roy for supposedly being Becky with the good hair. Even without focusing on the drama behind the music, we've cared about Blue Ivy and Solange fighting Jay-Z in an elevator. If we didn't know about these personal aspects of her life, would we really pay attention to her music as much?

And then there's a celebrity like Ciara.There have been so many times where Ciara was big in the public eye, started to fade, and then something in her personal life kept our attention. Maybe it was her and 50 Cent dating, or her and Bow Wow being a couple. It could have also been her and Future getting together, her getting pregnant, them rushing to get engaged, and then him cheating on her before the baby was born. It could also be the public arguments between that two that's been going on ever since Ciara and Russell Wilson because a couple.

The best example might be Kim Kardashian and her sisters. They've built a career on letting us in on their personal lives. If they decided tomorrow to only reveal what they were doing professional, their careers would die.

These are celebrities who can't hide their personal business when promoting their professional lives. Yet, we bloggers hesitate to share our public blog posts on our private pages with people who have known us for a while. We need to change our attitudes and start getting those views from the people who know us better than the strangers whose attention we are trying to get.

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