Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Less Than 24 Hours...

A week ago I did something out of the norm. I replied to a Facebook message from a man and agreed to meet him.

It all started on a Tuesday night when I screenshot a post where a Facebook friend described wanting a relationship where her man talked highly of her like Barack Obama talks about Michelle Obama. I posted the screenshot in two groups. In one of them I received likes. In the other some guy responded about how not all women deserve that treatment. Somehow my replying to his comment led him to comment on some of my pictures and request me. After sending the request he started messaging me. The message led to exchanging phone numbers. Then we started talking on the phone.

Honestly it happened so fast. He was commenting, complimenting, and I barely said anything back. I had glanced at his pictures when he first commented on the post. He wasn't my type look-wise, but looks aren't a deal breaker. After exchanging numbers, we immediately started talking. He had a lot of questions. It was like he was trying to get to know everything about me in a matter of seconds. He was saying so much that before I knew it he was talking me into meeting him the next day.

After getting off the phone my head was spinning, but before I could think straight he was texting me.  Like any other hormonal male, he wanted a picture but I shut that down and didn't think much of it. Instead the text conversation ended and I put him out of my mind until the next morning.

I woke up to one of those good morning texts. It seems like every man feels the need to send those texts as soon as they meet a woman so I wasn't shocked. I replied back to it because it's nice to do so. However, a few hours later he was asking if I was available at a certain time to do lunch with him.

Remember how I said he tried to slip in the nude photo request the night before? Well, the lunch date was okay until the very end. We met at a place called Hobbit Cafe. He looked just like his online pictures. I didn't feel good or bad about the eating part. It was enjoyable to eat somewhere new. Afterward he wanted to go for a short walk. That was okay too. I didn't feel a spark with him, but I enjoyed the company. Then it was time to say goodbye.

Instead of just saying our goodbyes and leaving, he wanted a hug. I said okay to the hug, but instead of a regular ass hug he picks me up like a father picks up their kid. It was weird as hell and I was absolutely ready to get away from him.

Even though I enjoyed the date, I was tired of him for the moment but he didn't get the memo to give me time. A few hours later he was texting me. In the text conversation he brought of the awkward hug where he picked me up. I said it was uncomfortable, but he thought it felt just right. Then he was calling me soon afterwards.

In that last conversation he did most of the talking. I was tired of talking for the moment, but I didn't feel like being rude until he asked the weirdest question.

This man asked me if I shave. Then he went on to talk about waxing and how he shaves his balls and he prefers a woman that shaves her area. I was shocked and excused myself off the phone soon after. Even though I went into an awkward silence at first, he never noticed. He just kept talking.

Okay, about the sex question some people say a woman knows if she's going to have sex with a man as soon as she meets him. But I've learned that a woman's mind can change the longer she gets to know a man, so its best not to jump to conclusions right away.

Soon this will feel like a figment of my imagination because the guy blocked me on Facebook. Maybe he was embarrassed that I didn't feel the same way as him emotionally, maybe he just wanted sex, or maybe I did something wrong that he didn't mention.

But this was all in less than 24 hours. I'm actually glad I went. I needed a man, any man, to help me get my feet wet in the dating pool again. He was my start. I hope he's not my end for 2017. Would you have accepted a date so soon?

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