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The Final Lie ( Searching For My Star's Book Feature)

Author Obsession has completed her Love Ain't Shh Series with The Final Lie. First there was Cracked (Book One) which featured a beautiful woman in an unrepairable marriage and a split personality looking for revenge on the people who ruined her happy home. Then came Secrets In His Closet (Book 2), which contains more broken relationships that'll leave your mouth open. Before we fully taken in the intensity of the first two books, The Final Lie will be available in February. Read the excerpt below and prepare your mind for this good book that is coming soon.

Excerpt from The Final Lie  

It always begins and ends the same. She comes home after being away for over twenty-four hours. I ask questions that I already know the answers to. She changes the direction of the conversation to something more comfortable for her. I press on because I refuse to be deflected from what weighs heavy on my mind. She curses my life; I bite my tongue; she walks away, smug with the illusion that she’s in control, and I… I tame the fire; never releasing the smoke. Never exploding, until today. Today, she has made me a killer.

“Look at me.”

Her lip trembles. “No.”

“Look… At… Me!”

“No! I can’t!” She fixes her eyes on her rapidly rising breast. They are large, perky and distracting, which makes all the difference now. I am going to kill her, and she knows it. She can feel it in her bones. Her promiscuous ways have finally caught up with her. I love my wife, but she is a slut, and I am fed up with it.

“I asked you nicely, so now I’ll help you,” I say, grabbing her by the chin and forcing her to glare up at me. I make sure to lean close enough for her to see the ache in my eyes. I am hurt, tired and past a breaking point. Her facial expression says, I’m sorry, I love you. I silently counter with, unfortunately, it’s too late. I close my eyes and rest my forehead against hers. The breeze from her nose chills the sweat that streams down my face.

I kiss her furrowed brows and then smack her across the cheek. “I want to know, and this is the last time that I’m going to ask you, is it true that you’ve had not one, not two, not three, but four abortions?”

Her contorted face slowly turns to me. “Baby, I told you… that email had to be a mistake…”
Smack! I drop my hand to my side and stare at the blood in the right corner of her mouth. Lying is like breathing to her, and I’m over it.

Her whimpering snaps me back into reality. I’m wounded and vengeful. Without a shadow of a doubt, she must pay.

“You see? I try to give you one last chance to tell the truth for once in your goddamn life,” I say as I step over her lover’s limp body. I killed him without hesitation; I bashed his head
in with my sledge hammer and tossed him to the floor alongside his brains. I smile down at him and give him a pat on the shoulder. “I bet, old buddy, old pal never thought that he’d die naked in a motel room with a whore.”

I followed her to this motel and gave the two them some time to enjoy their sins one last time. It was quicker than I expected though. Twenty minutes after entering their room, she came out for some fresh air. I guess Heart O’Chicago motel was just like all the others; a spot for secrets and quickies.
I shoot another disgusting look towards her. “No need to look so sad baby, you’re about to join him soon,” I say, snatching a sock from the dead man’s foot and plugging it into my wife’s mendacious mouth.

“It was Tulio today, Victor yesterday, Cordell the day before, Ashton the day before that,
Andre, Daryl, Michael, Kyland…” I recited over one hundred men’s names while dousing her hair and face with lighter fluid. “And last but not least, Mr. Landon London. How I hated that arrogant bastard the most. I’m glad Kinnan offed his ass.” I cock my head to the side and frown. “Oh. You’re wondering how I know the names of every single man you’ve ever cheated on me with? You thought I just knew about the ones from the phone tap? Well, honey, keep on wondering, because I’m not telling you shit!”

I strike the match, shielding it from the tears falling from my eyes. “I loved you Saisha. I loved you with everything I had. You are my wife. I cherish you. There was nothing in this world that I wouldn’t have done for you… but you played me. Repeatedly, one infidelity after the other. You disrespected our marriage and me as a man. I was nothing but a safety net for you. In me, you found a man that could provide you with everything you wanted, as well as cherish the very ground you walked on. You knew that you would be my weakness, my kryptonite, so you jumped at the opportunity to control and ultimately ruin my life. I offered you a chance to make peace with me, a chance to die with a clean slate, but you still choose to lie to me. Two hundred and sixty-six! Two hundred and sixty-six lies Saisha! Well guess what, baby? That last one was really the last one.” I stand over her with the match quivering in my trembling hand. “Fuck you Saisha. Fuck you and these vows.” I sit the match at the ends of her long black mane and watch the flames climb.

Ebook~ 2/2/17
Paperback~ 2/25/17

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