Wednesday, April 12, 2017

NaNoWriMo: Her Dependable Boy Toy (Another Writing Preview)

The following story was written for a friend. He told me about a phone call he'd received from a former friend with benefits. A couple weeks before this phone call he had suggested I write a story featuring a Mexican, Jewish, or White man. I chose to use the names of Latin singers in the story. I even added a little Spanish. The Spanish is my favorite part of this because I don't actually speak or know the language. 

Disclaimer: I took the names from two different lists of sexy Latin singers.  For all I know, they have nothing to do with each other except for being famous. Also, this is not a sex story. It's a sensual story. 


“Hurry up,” Anahi, Juanes former lover had said earlier that night. “I’m aching to feel you between my legs again.”

“I’m on my way.” 

“I have on a very short dress with nothing on under it. You’re going to take it off. And my red lipstick, if the night goes as planned I won’t be wearing it long. Also, my long brown curly hair is hanging past my shoulders for you to pull.” 

“Ooh, la la.” Juanes said as he imagined the image in his mind. 

“And don’t try to be romantic either. This is just about sex. Yo sólo quiero cogida. You’re gonna please me. I’m gonna please you. And then we are going to act like it never happened until we both need it again.” 

“Okay, nos vemos pronto bebe.” 

It had been a whole year, but Juanes was at Anahi’s front door once again. He had reservations about seeing her. At one point they were regular fuck buddies, but then one day he called and her phone went to voicemail. Juanes then called a handful of times after that, but his calls were never answered or returned. He figured she had moved on. However, a few weeks ago his phone rang and it was Anahi. She was ready to start where they had left off. 

Should he do it? Should he open himself up to consistent sex once again knowing that they would never progress to anything more. He had never even given her his best in the bedroom. When they met up it was average sex. They went through the motions with different sexual positions, but he was always just trying to bust a nut and leave once they were done. His final decision to say yes to the sex was because of a female friend he regular spoke to on the phone.

“I’m not so sure about this,” she said. “It sounds like she’s using you. But she’s very brave with her approach. It would hurt her if you were to turn her down after she built up the courage to get in contact with you again.” 

It took him approximately 30 minutes to get to her house. On the way there, he stopped to buy 12 red roses for the amount of time they’d been apart. He also grabbed chocolate covered strawberries because they were her favorite chocolate desserts. 

 There's more, but in order to read the full story you'll have to wait for the book. 

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