Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Some People Only Want The Illusion That They Hurt You

It's a 15 minute break at work. A comment I made on a post in a Facebook group is a problem for someone else. The comment was not directed toward them, but they got offended. That person gets mad and starts calling me names. Usually in these circumstances they use phrases like, "You're ugly," and "Nobody wants you." I think of replying, but again it's a 15 minute break. I have to use it wisely, so I scroll through my timeline looking for posts that appeal to me until I have to get back to work. 

It's a post in a women-only Facebook group designed for women to compliment each other. I compliment a woman and she responds with gratitude. A few minutes later someone reports my comment as spam. I'm not sure if they had a problem with me or the woman I complimented with. However, it's just a post in a group. I move on. 

There are discussions about serious matters going on throughout the internet. The subjects can range from sexual assault to politics and religion. I comment sometimes. I read the comments. These subjects bring out lots of emotions and of course lost of online arguing. 

What do you do when people taunt you on the internet? Do you take their bait and argue? Do you log off? 

I prefer to log off. 

I spend a lot of time on the internet. Sometimes I spend way too much time staring at vacation photos of celebrities and people working regular jobs like me. I tune into their beautiful wedding photos and the photos of their bad hair days. I also give them glimpses of my life in the form of photos, tweets, and status updates. I allow them to jump into my inbox to have more private discussions and I share with them.  I also make enemies on the internet. 

You remember those enemies you made in school? The bullies? Their goal was to taunt you until you had a face full of tears . They threatened to beat you up and some were brave enough to actually do it.  I only got threats. They didn't like you and didn't want anyone else to like you either. 

Well, the enemies moved to the internet. They believe in being petty and giving the illusion they won a fight with you. They taunt you into arguments on the internet or try. If you don't respond back, they assume they won a battle. I'm cool with that assumption. They can have that illusion. In 31 years I've never been a physical fight, so I'd rather not engage in online fights either. 

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