Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Weekend Getaway/ 31st Birthday

It's been a while since I wrote regularly. I used to try to write a post a day. Then it became a couple of posts a week. Eventually the stresses of trying to balance a full time job, making sure to spend enough time with family, and watching my circle of friends continually change caught up to me. Of course trying to transition my love of writing from just a hobby used to keep me sane to using it as the start of my entrepreneurship hasn't been easy either. All of that became a distraction and I started drifting further away from the idea of putting myself into this world wide web.

See, this is a lifestyle blog and it has always been meant for writing about whatever came to mind.
Whether the topic was some celebrity's moment, a moment of success for me, my friends great moments, and even the drama, nothing was off limits. However, things started to be off limits. However, things started to change.

Conversations with people that are supposed to be friends started becoming more about drama and I started questioning myself on whether it was appropriate to write about that drama. I actually started to care about how they would feel if they were to read how I felt.

Also being in these secretive Facebook groups started stifling my creativity. These groups bring lots of topics. I discovered how comfortable men and women are with confessing their infidelities (especially the married ones), how casually women drops naked (and close to naked) pictures in a group and expect for the pictures to stay within those thousands of people in the group.

See, I allowed those to stifle my creativity when I shouldn't. Why? Because in trying to play the game of keeping messy friendships contained and not utilizing the juicy topics I was coming across, my voice was being lost. So maybe, just maybe, I'm back in the game. We'll see.

After some growth-filled experiences, I needed a break from the city of Houston. I also needed to limit my social media activity to uploading posts focused on me. The best time to do that was the weekend before my birthday, which happened to be October 27th- October 30th. The best place to do it was New York City, where my best friend currently lives.

Other than my best friend being there, NYC was a great spot because even though my plane landed a little after 10 pm, most of the food places near my hotel were still open. Actually a whole lot of people were walking the streets. The city was alive, which I really appreciated. In Houston, the streets are quiet after 10 pm.

After grabbing some food, I was able to get comfortable in my hotel and sleep. I stayed in The Nolan Hotel. The room was cozy for one person, but probably would have felt super small if two people were staying in it.

Back to running the streets. Although my friend was in the process of moving to a new apartment, she still spent a lot of time with me. We walked the Manhattan streets, walked to the Brooklyn Bridge, and partied near Central Park. Also, because of her a group of people sang Happy Birthday to me for the first time in years. College may have been the last time a group of people sang that to me. It was amazing. That Sunday it rained and I did a little walking in the rain. Later on after my friend left to finish up packing, I purchased an umbrella so I could do a little more walking and grab some food.

My NYC trip was great and turning 31 feels fabulous so far. Also, my social media was definitely filled with posts about me.

BTW my books are available for purchase.

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  1. Glad you're back in the game. You're going kill it in year 31.