Saturday, January 23, 2010


When I grow up I want to be a STAR...

Stars have fun. They can always count on being the center of attention (whether good or bad) and they spend money like they will never run out of it.

Stars go through drama, but get direction on how to handle it from the whole world.

Best of all stars express themselves and the world pays attention. For instance Cassie only made one hit song, but the world is still singing it to this day. She also shaved half of her hair off. It's a weird style, but there have been other stars that copied her and shaved parts of their hair. I don't want to shave my hair, but if I do I want the world to still love me.

Check out some more stars that I want to be able to copy and the world still looks at me the same below.

Rihanna has gone through 2 million (or maybe more) looks since she became famous. On top of that she only got beat by Chris Brown once and people were comparing to Tina Turner. I don't want to get beat, but I do want to have people try to copy my 2 million or more hairstyles I'll get in the future.

Beyonce is simply...Beyonce. she's been expressing herself since Destinys Child and she's not about to stop. Plus, she married one of the ugliest(but most successful) men in the rap game and people applauded her. I want to get with an ugly dude and have people wish they were me.

Jennifer Lopez steps out of the house wearing anything, but no one complains. I want to be able to purposely walk out of the house looking bad and people still suck up to me.

Janet Jackson is rich, humble, and she has publicly dated a younger man. If I'm 40 and not married, I want to have her attitude and be able to date freely like her.

Mariah Carey recently walked onto a stage to receive an award drunk. Then people commented on it as cute. She's probably the only star that could be called cute while drunk.


  1. uh sry for the delay but cassie has made definitely more than 1 song n has been n others music videos.o ya n they r still sayin it wasnt completely procen she was drunk

  2. Of course she has, but I was focusing on her hit song and something crazy she did. Everyone on the list is their for something crazy they did and not all of their great accomplishments.