Friday, January 8, 2010


You have gay men trying to be like you.

Yesterday I was going down the list of things on my facebook homepage and came across a group called "Bitch You Are Not Nicki Minaj." I decided to take a look at the group and noticed pictures being posted.

Each picture was of someone who was dressed like Nicki Minaj. They were all a "hot mess," but one caught my attention more than the others.

Kathy Griffin worships Gay men, because they make her feel like a star more than anyone else. Tyra Banks has been known to shout out to her Gay fans.

Now, Nicki Minaj has Gay men copying her style, so I guess she's a STAR.

***I'm now starting a section called "5 Star Barbie." 5 star bitch is a popular phrase among young women, but in dedication to Nicki Minaj I'm going to call it 5 star barbie (or for better words star).***

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