Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Picture This

(Disclaimer: If this were real life you'd be dead, but fortunately it is a fantasy so follow with an open mind)

You're lying in the hospital feeling terrible. You've been feeling ill for a while, but the TheraFlu just wasn't curing you. Now you have a 102 degree temperature and the nurses are trying desperately to break it. After hours of being in an emergency room bed the doctor finally comes into your hospital. You've watched a lot of television so you're expecting an Omar Epps look-alike; or even Omar Epps himself. Instead Plies walks through the door.

Now I know you are probably mad at me cause I started this good fantasy but then killed it by using Plies. You should not take your anger out on me though. Take it out on Plies cause he did just that in his new music video titled Medicine.

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