Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Soooo...last time I wrote about figuring out how to get into the dating game I used Let's "Talk About Pep" as my help. This time I'm learning from the movie "Sprung."

"Sprung" is tonight's black buster choice for BET. In the movie two women friends go to a party searching for men and end up meeting two frat brothers (who are Omegas). One male fits the Omega stereotype and the other is a geek. One woman goes for the male who fits the stereotype while the other gets stuck with the geek.

Throughout the several scenes in the movie the men and women have fun, fights, and most of all create very memorable moments together. While the young people were the focus of the movie, one scene stood out to me most. One of the women and the geek go dancing together. When they get to the place they see an old couple. They ask the old couple how the managed to stay together for so long. The couple says "sheer and determination."

If determination could work to keep a couple together for 50 or more years then I am applying that to going out and dating. As long as I have determination it will work out in the end.

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