Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Material Girl

I'm a material girl trying to stay comfortable in this material world. When I travel I have to have more than one pair of shoes, more than one purse, a few belts to go with pants, and more clothes than I will actually need. I also have to have bathroom accessories, and hair supplies. Plus, I definitely cannot travel without at least one book and some music for entertainment. Yeah, I'm a material girl trying to survive in this material world, BUT...

With the exception of Southwest Airlines (which does not fly out of every city), all airlines charge for bags. Even more Delta Airlines (the world's largest airlines) just increased the price of bringing bags on the airlines; from $15 to $25 to be exact.

That's a lot and since Delta (the largest airlines) is raising their prices, every other airline will soon do the same.

With that knowledge I'm starting to wonder should I decrease my material lifestyle?


Should I find some other ways to travel?

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