Monday, April 5, 2010

Mr. 229

Mr. 229 OG, who is on the left of the picture,  is a southern basic Hiphop/Trapmusic MC.

“Work is all I’m trying to do. My motivation comes from the people around me. I already got one unreleased mixtape hosted by DJ Tremayne of Lyx 96.7,WJIZ 96.3,And The Hitman DJ'S. It’s called "Da 1st 48"... 24 tracks of nothing but southern swag at it’s finest. I’m currently working on my new mixtape "Confident Underdog". I hope to be in the same breath as all of the great MC’s in the game. I’m also in a group called Carol Hill. The group has six members: Lil Cash, Lil Tim, Lil D, Melvino, Bubble Kushy, and I. As a group we have three albums (all Indie). I never been under contract with anyone and don’t plan on signing nothing unless the paper right. Just stay tuned. You’re witnessing history in the making.”

More of his music will be coming soon.

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