Monday, April 12, 2010

Poet Of The Day:Sandra Peterson Lott

 My Heart Stopped Aching Yesterday

My heart stopped aching yesterday,
It has ached for almost 26 years.
When he acknowledged me as his sister,
I almost burst into tears.

I have seen him in many different places,
I even knew that he was my brother.
But all I could do was look at him,
Because we did not share the same mother.

When he was just a little boy,
I would want to hold him tight.
I knew that I couldn't though,
Even though it would feel right.

I didn't want to upset him or his family,
That's the last thing I'd ever do.
But I knew that definitely one day,
He would find out the truth.

This situation was not his fault,
And it definitely was not mine.
I felt that God would work this out,
If I trust Him and give Him time.

Over the years I watched him grow,
Into a very responsible young man.
I prayed, "God I want to know my brother."
I knew that God would understand.

I have carried him in my heart,
For so very, very long.
I said, "God, I want to meet him now."
God said, "Be patient, but most of all be strong."

I would ask my dad about him,
I'd say, "What has he been up to?"
He'd say, "He is a very nice young man."
"He reminds me a lot of you."

Well, I finally met my little brother,
I hugged him on his 26th birthday.
I feel a whole lot better now,
So my heart stopped aching yesterday!

© 2010 Sandra Lott, RN, MSN

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  1. Thanks Lashuntrice for your support! This poem holds a lot of meaning for me because I really did meet my brother for the 1st time on Saturday, 4/10/2010. God bless!

    Sandra Peterson Lott