Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poet Of The Day: Latasha Edwards

Trifling Dade County Boys
By Latasha Edwards

Dade county boys,
why dont yall answer your phone,
Are you bothered by me and want to be left alone,
Is it that patrone that you be drinking
or the crack that you smoke
Dade county boys...just leave me alone
So blinded by your mojo, I should of known
Until you mysteriously got a girlfriend two weeks ago,
and you want to blast it on my minifeed,
your facebook pictures kissing that hoe
You trifling Dade county boys, robin hood negroes,
robbing from the rich and giving to the poor,
Wasting my gas and leaving me for a hoe
Dade county boys...I cant take no more
Is there not a nice one to be found?
Who stays nice,
until turning out crazy like the piggy killer from the "lord of the flies"
Why do you front Dade county boys....
You aint in Jamaica so negroes so why do some of yall act
hair sticking out of your dreads looking like you been caught in a fish net
negroes bob marly aint coming back
so leave those fuzz out dreads in the past
Those hightop dreads aint cute
looking like your head just bit off a tree with sticking out roots
Am I too much angelic to be accepted?
or maybe Dade county boys are misconcepted?
Wearing bright colors that should be left for women,
no ones feelin
"fu#$" the Miami heat, yes I said it
The only heat that yall be bringing is that heat that be on the streets
always so violoent be creating on Famu campus continuance beef
Cant enjoy myself at the club cause you stomping some negro rolling 20 deep
Not calling me for weeks,
and than you see me in person and want to speak
The only cool Dade county negroes are my homies I know
Always so fly from head to toe
Even though, broke as a joke
They are one of the few, the rest of yall
I dont know what the hell happened to you
Putting on fake nice guy impressions,
You need to be getting therapy sessions
to become a man and get out of adolescence
negroes all of you are going to be payed for your consequences
But this is the only advice im giving,
look at your past decisions,
you may have prevented someones heart who you were being given
Dade county boys...I lost hope for yall
so until I meet a good one, I'm not accepting none of yall phone calls

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