Monday, April 19, 2010

Poet Of The Day: Reginald Alceus

As Time Goes By
By Reginald Alceus

The seconds pass on by.
The minutes follow right behind
Which soon beget days and weeks
Months then years,
Weakening the precarious resolve
That comes from hoping for the best.
As the sands of time slip through my fingers
I quietly wait
For some recognizable response,
Some inkling of sentiment to let me know
You still care
Or at least are still aware
That I’ve always been here.
I’m as still as stagnant waters,
Masking what I really feel
Who I really am
What I really want
Beneath a tepid, unchanging surface
All the way down to the deepest reaches
That will likely never see
The light of day.
I remain static and deep,
All but frozen by my reluctance
To move on
But you run with the rapid current
Quick and vicious,
Auspiciously choosing to forgo and forget
While you race toward what lies ahead.
My time is the currency I gamble
On the chance
That tomorrow will bring more promise
Than today did,
That I’ll do a little bit better than yesterday
That you will come to see things my way.
Needless to say,
My pockets are nearly empty…
It is my endangered pride
That acts as the barrier,
Muffling your ears
To the voice inside that cries out
Asking that you turn your head
And once again look at me
The way you used to,
Not as a fragmented memory
To be classified
And eventually buried
With the heap of your life experiences
But as something worth remembering.
With the whole of my being
I calmly scream my intent
Without so much as moving my mouth.
My will is to communicate
The only way that’s left to me.
There's so much I want to say,
So much you need to hear.
For that, my myriad expressions speak
What I cannot
But would you choose to listen to them?
Let the sun rise
And the moon fall.
Let all of creation flourish and die
While the ages pass without remorse.
Time is something I no longer need
Once I learned I was no longer needed
And so it stopped, just for me.

I count the grinding moments
Leading to your heartfelt response
In the hope you will be so merciful
As to return my arrested time.

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