Friday, April 16, 2010

Poet Of The Day: Jessica Green

 Jessica Green is so good at poetry I had to feature her again, so ENJOY!!!

Enjoy the roughness, but don't catch a splinter. If you do, pull it out and tell me where it is so I can sand it down, polish it, and make it beautiful. JG.

My Maple Shelf

I take your love and hide it away
High on this maple shelf and
No woman will reach it
They'll touch you, frisk you
Searching your body with
Inquisitive hands
Thinking that they can use
their body
to find what I've already hidden
They'll comb your soul
Thinking that between the
hairs of conciousness lies the
three little gems they seek
Using words like a wringer
Thinking they can use
their mind
to squeeze out affection's rain
But even you don't know where you left it last
with me, in this wooden bureau
Keeper of hearts, keeper of souls
I remember the night you gave it to me
half-hazardly in the boudoir where
You keep your own collection of red beats
Was your breath as I stole the words
That leaked out like the blood of beets
Freshly cut for the first time
I Love You
is in my maple shelf
Far Far Above
the cupboards of my bosom
Far Far Above
Closeted in the brain
Far Far Far Above
and away from my heart.

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