Friday, July 2, 2010

The Other Woman Part 2

This is the follow up to my poem called The Other Woman Part 1. This part is written from the view of the girlfriend.

The Other Woman
Part 2
(Dedicated to every intelligent woman who refuses to leave her trifling man)

Today he’s with me
I’m his woman
I’m chillin’ with him
Laughing as we watch BET
Cooking his favorite meal
See we both like seafood
I’m  doing his laundry
And cleaning his house
Already playing wife
Although last night I was stuck at home
Sittin’ by the phone
Waiting for his text or phone call
But didn’t receive anything
Because he was at the other woman’s house

That bitch
She makes me sick
He’s my man
But she’s trying to steal him away
Inviting him to her house
I don’t even know her
And neither does his friends
See me and him were meant to happen
It’s been like Romeo and Juliet since the first time we met
I don’t know how he met her
Or how he’d want her
I’m the one that knows his parents
The one they scrutinized and complained about
The one they finally started to like when they realized I wasn’t leaving his life
I was the one that he was playing with one night
When talking lead to touching
And touching lead to kissing
And kissing lead to…
Full blown passion, which is why our relationship stays strong
But unfortunately I can’t handle the other woman
She might make him happy
But both of them are making me really mad
And I know he’s about to run to her again
Because I’m not stroking his ego today
 I’m yelling and screaming
Even doing some hitting and kicking
Gots to make him hurt
Make him feel guilty for hurting me
 But in a little while I’ll cool off
Apologize for my actions
And invite him back home
Because although he’s working my nerves
I’m not about to give her what she wants
I’m not about to lose him to the other woman

Part One can be found on my facebook page in my notes section.

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