Sunday, July 11, 2010

Too Much Future In The Present?

Can thinking about the future too much hurt your present?

Lindsay Lohan hasn't went to jail yet, but she's already trying to profit from an interview she will do afterwards. To be exact she wants $1 million for an interview on the day she is released. That's great, but she hasn't done any time yet. She's still free to live life the way she wants (minus alcohol and other drugs) until she has to start her time. However, she's focusing on profiting on time she hasn't done yet. Is thinking about the future hurting Lohan more?

Clearly she will get $1 million from someone from that interview. She started off as a child star, which means there will always be a  reason for the cameras to be on her and her money to keep flowing. However, I'm just a college graduate trying to live out my dreams. I'm imagining that one day I will have my own talk show, my own editing company (videos and books), and my name will be in several books in all the top book stores. That's how I'm picturing my future, but the reality is I'm broke and I'm depending on my parents. I never imagined it would be so hard to find a job, but it is.

At the beginning of the summer I went to a club. While at the club I let go of all my worries and had the time of my life. The girls that I was with thought I was a little wild. However, I had to be wild because I was letting go of the stress from the past and forgetting the stress that the future would bring. That really was a fun night. However, since then my mind has been on the bills that are awaiting me in the future, the job that I don't have yet, the city that I don't live in yet, and moving back in with my parents (which is something I never wanted to do). I love my family, but I love my own space more.

So much has been on my mind that days like that night at the club seem to be gone. I don't know how to enjoy the moment with all of the pressures from the future on my mind. I can only hope that this lack of excitement doesn't hurt me in the long-run.

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