Friday, July 30, 2010

Week In Review (Some of This Week's Forgotten News)

This is basically news/gossip that I heard this week, but chose not to talk about until now. First was the latest craziness surrounding Foxy Brown.

Recently she reverted back to her old ghetto self and started arguing with her neighbor. In the midst of the argument she decided to reveal her ass. That's the lowest sign of disrespect. The dispute ended with the cops going to her house and breaking it up. However, that's not the end of it. Today she made her way into the media again because of a fight she was involved in last night. The difference between the earlier drama and last night is she abandoned the scene before the cops showed up.

Also in this week's news...

Kanye West decided to entertain the nerds that run facebook. This happened on Tuesday and in the video some of the nerds actually seemed entertained. Could this be a new way of Kanye getting more publicity or is he trying to expand his audience? He also hit up the nerds of twitter so I think he was trying to expand his audience.


Brandy made several blogs when she was photographed in a cute dress and some cute white shoes.


After watching an old school video, Got To Be Real, for the first time I found out that Smooth (known as MC Smooth at the time) was 8 months pregnant. I can't tell. Can you?

And finally...

I've been ignoring this, but I must mention it now. People are still talking about Tiny and T.I. and how they finally got married. After two kids and several affairs T.I. finally decided it was time to settle down and put a ring on Tiny's finger. Wait, let me rephrase that. After several affairs and two kids Tiny was happy to marry T.I. I could say so much to this, but I'm going to just stop and say I hope they work out.

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