Friday, July 23, 2010

The Reality Is...

I live at home with my parents.

My parents don't understand me.

I'm 23 and I've never had a relationship.

Men make me feel shy.

Every time I develop a hint of a sex life something happens to ruin it.

I'm afraid to splurge because I might not be able to stop once I start.

Sometimes I find comfort in loneliness.

I'm a good girl gone bad.

Well I'm only bad in my imagination.

The things I write about is how I wish my life was.

Well, on the other hand I don't want to birth a white baby.

Sometimes I just want to sleep.

I sincerely believe reality is overrated.


  1. hi, I read couple of your post- randomly selected
    I have a question- if you don't mind...
    it's been almost 2 years since u wrote this
    so howthings have changed ....because reading it I got the feeling that you are unhappy but it feels like a mystery too, cannot explain now, i have to go u have a follow up to this post?- some link would be appreaciated, I kno i can click on labels/tags- but it would take me HOURS,
    anyway. i wish u reply
    ps -my nickname is not sarcastic or anything so u don't think i'm playin or somethin :)

  2. Oh wow. I forgot about this post. A lot has changed. This was actually written during a summer where I had just graduated from college in the middle of a recession and finding a job was hard. Plus I had opinions around me crushing my spirit and I wasn't strong enough to ignore any of it. Mostly I've gotten better at planning and sticking to my goals, making myself happy, and focusing more on positiveness. Although staying positive takes a lot of work still.