Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drew Barrymore Likes The Natural Smell Of A Person

Drew Barrymore was on "Lopez Tonight" Wednesday night to promote her new movie "Going The Distance." While on the show she revealed something that many people might find disgusting.

While blushing Barrymore told George Lopez that she prefers the natural scent that people have over wearing deodorant. Sounds nasty, right? Well, when I think about it people do smell good naturally right after they come out of the shower and before they start sweating. That means Barrymore's enjoyment might be good.

In the interview she also mentioned loving to laugh. She said she likes dangerous laughter, which is the kind where a person laughs so hard they can't control themselves. Hmn, that explains why she said she loves people without deodorant on. She was trying to make people laugh uncontrollably. It worked for me.

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