Thursday, August 5, 2010

In The Midst Of Change

Where I am is not where I want to be. This does not just involve my location. It also involves me growing mentally and physically.

Mentally I want to learn a lot more. I feel as if I can't learn everything I need to know by staying in one place. Yes, eventually I have dreams of traveling. The traveling will not only be designed for me to explore new things. I will also use this traveling that I plan to do to write stories and create more poetry.

Also, I'm changing my physical look all the time. Ever since I hit my teens I've had this dream of creating the perfect wardrobe. Back when I first started it was hard because I was awkwardly skinny. Not one outfit seemed to fit me perfectly and it always made me feel like a little kid. For real, I was a growing person headed toward adulthood but my clothes were trying to keep me in the kid stage. However, by the time I hit 18 pieces started coming together on me. They started looking fabulous. My wardrobe still isn't to the point that I want it to be, but here are some examples of my in-process-transformation.
The above is me in high school. I was horrible at picking out clothes because of my size, so the majority of the time I just liked to grab a pullover jacket. Those jackets do wonders for the state of mind.

By my sophomore year I had upgraded my wardrobe some. I mostly tried to keep my outfits simple.

By my 21st birthday I had some diva outfits. I also had the hair and shoes to match.

A few months ago I started looking back in time and decided I wanted clothes that resembled some of the most infamous stars. Two names that popped into my head were Salt 'N Pepa. Salt 'N Pepa were two of the best female rappers back in the day. They were known before Trina, Missy Elliot, or even Foxy Brown hit the scene. They were great lyricists but they were known for their style too, so of course I had to copy them. The one thing I could find that they wore were some shorts. These shorts were very low-cut, but buttoned up high on the waist.

I guess what I like most about the shorts is they give me a butt. It sucks being a black woman and having a small butt, but those shorts takes away the embarrassment. I also absolutely adore shirts like the one I'm wearing with the shorts. I only have one of those shirts in my wardrobe so far, but I plan to add more.

Another part of my transition is to change my hair. Soon I plan to cut my hair really short. It will be a Monica type of short. Hopefully I like it when I get it done. I will make sure to post up pictures.

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