Monday, August 30, 2010

Not Another Mystery (Real World Lessons)

When the thought of moving back home first came into my mind, I knew one thing I would have to drop was a love life. Well, I should really call it a dating life. I had it made up in my mind that men would forever, or at least until situations were in my favor again, be put aside. 

However, since I'm a little man crazy the thought didn't last long. In fact a few days ago I became brave enough to give out my number again. I gave the number out to someone through facebook. I don't know if that's the smartest thing to do yet, but it's been done. So far this guy through facebook is the only guy who has received my number since I've been back. In fact chatting with him has been interesting so far. I've learned some things about him so far and he's asked me a question that made me think. 

The question was "When is a good time to come over?" 

It wouldn't be such a bad question if I lived by myself, but I don't. I live with my parents and brothers. That basically means no time is a good time to come over. I do realize that at some point in my future I'm going to have to bring a guy over. I'll have to chill with a guy even with my current situation. Dreams don't fulfill the desire as good as reality. At some point my parents are going to get curious about the guy (whoever that may be) that is in my life at the current time. At some point a guy is going to have to meet my parents and brothers.  

I do realize that the after midnight visits have been left back in the college years. However, the dilemma now is when is a good time to see a guy. When is a good time for me to be alone with a guy even if it's in my house? 

If you're reading this help me out please. 

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