Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baby Cravings, The Act Of Juggling And The Movie I Don't Know How She Does It

Recently I learned that the most important part of juggling is throwing. Now you've probably seen people who juggle balls. They throw them in the air and then then catch each of them in a synchronized order. However, the catching part is not the most amazing part. It's the fact that they can effortlessly throw the balls in the air. This amazing art of juggling was actually mentioned in the movie "I Don't Know How She Does It," but it can be applied to every aspect of life. How you ask?

While the result of a law or bill that gets passed effects us tremendously, it's not that effect that matters in the beginning. It's getting the law or bill passed that matters. It's the throwing part of the juggling. Some congressman, governor, or the president throws out an idea. That's the important job. They have to throw out ideas to continually do their jobs.

Every Sunday when we go to church a pastor throws a new bible verse at us. If it's not a bible verse, they are throwing out some new form of disapproval. That form of disapproval stems from a bible verse in the bible.While the result of not following the bible verse is known, the result is not important at the moment. The important part is that the pastor juggles and they juggle by throwing a bible verse at everyone who attends the church.

Relationships And Family:
Relationships and family involve the most important and chaotic juggling act there is. Within relationships you have to juggle romance, work, and free time. With romance you have to continuously throw out energy (in whatever form) to get someone of the opposite sex interested. With work you have to continuously throw out professional energy in order to look like you can handle the job. With free time you have to throw out enough tired energy to convince everyone you actually need a break. For some people, this part of the throwing act of juggling doesn't happen until the exhausted one passes out in the oddest place. Then there's family.

My philosophy on juggling is not exactly my idea. It came from the movie "I Don't Know How She Does It." This movie is wonderful in every way for women. It shows the career woman, the stay at home woman, and the work-a-holic. In an instance these women are also transformed into mothers and expectant moms. In every aspect of life these women play the game of juggling in order to handle their surroundings. None of them actually manage it in an effective way, but at the end of the day they all make their jobs look easy. You have to watch the movie to actually understand what I mean.

By the way, have you ever watched a chaotic movie about mothers and started having thoughts of children? Maybe it's just the age that I'm at. When do baby cravings become appropriate? Don't say when you're financially stable.

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