Friday, September 9, 2011

Does Star Status And Being Alone Go Hand In Hand?

See how far away the papparazzi had to stand to get the picture. 
One of the biggest mysteries in 2011 is how did Beyonce hide her pregnancy until the MTV awards. Seriously, the paparazzi has stalked her since she was around 15, maybe younger. Three weeks ago Beyonce was skinny and now she has a proud belly bump. Not a day went by where the paparazzi was not following her so how did she do it?

There have been many speculations around this baby bump that just appeared out of thin air. Two of my favorite are listed below.

1. Beyonce is wearing a fake belly. There's no doubt that she's pregnant. A rich woman would have to be crazy to make up a pregnancy, especially with Jay-Z as the father. However, she could be wearing a baby bump just for preparation for when the stretch marks and fat belly really does come.

2. The paparazzi missed it. How the hell could anyone have missed a pregnant Beyonce before the MTV awards? Even during 2010 when she was supposedly on a break, the media still managed to have a picture of Beyonce during every day of her vacation. So if the media did miss the pregnancy when she first started showing, how? Now that's a $750 million question.

Anyway, Beyonce hasn't taken a break since she was in her teens. For the last 5 years there's been a rumors that a baby has been growing in that stomach. Every year the rumor has been denied. Now, it's real. The media always stalks Beyonce and at some point she has to be tired of it. Any star would get tired of the cameras following them continually. When the camera is on, the lights flash, or a reporter just asks questions a stars' every move is being 100 percent critiqued. Could pregnancy the answer to getting away? Having kids does seem to create a bit of alone time for many stars. Even if a kid isn't in the picture (not all stars get pregnant), there's seems to be a connection between star status and being alone.

When you're in the spotlight your every move is watched. Beyonce  is the perfect example of that. Constantly being watched makes it harder to relax and be yourself. If you don't quite know yourself, then the spotlight becomes extra frustrating. This is because people are directing your every move and blocking the growing person you are.

Remember when Brandy got pregnant? She had sex because as a growing star she discovered she liked men and sex. Now remember when she lied about being married to her daughter's father? That pissed a lot of Brandy's fans off and she wasn't expecting that. In fact she didn't even do that for herself. She did it because someone had messed with her mind and made her believe that pregnancy outside of marriage is the absolute worse. After the false marriage incident Brandy had another occurrence where she hit a person while driving. The media came at her so hard that she had to disappear from the spotlight for a little. As stressed as Brandy was, that alone time had to have been the best time of her life.

Anyone know where Jassmine Sullivan is?
If the above examples don't work, think back to your favorite 90's actors. Many of them disappeared once their shows left the air. Do you think it's because they couldn't get any more acting jobs? Of course not. These were highly talented people on million dollar shows. I think it was the scrutiny of the spotlight. These people were just tired and needed to be alone. They needed the cameras off and the reporters to disappear. Well, we don't really know about those stars, but at the end of 2010 Jassmine Sullivan did let her twitter fans know she needed a break from everyone. Where is Miss Sullivan now?

As much as I want to have star status, I appreciate those moments when I'm alone the most. Maybe, just maybe, that means star status and being alone go hand in hand.

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