Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Are His Goods Worth It If He's Damaged?

While the title sounds sexual, that is not the direction we are headed in. Someone asked me to write about whether or not we should give damaged men a chance, so here it goes.

Picture this:

You agree to letting a friend hook you up with him. He's not even in the same city as you, so you to have to talk on the phone to get to know each other. Everything gets discussed in an attempt to know each other. After favorite colors, favorite foods, good and bad habits, and professional goals get discussed it's time to get down to the more serious topics; sex and love. Sex is easier to discuss, so you see where his mind is in that direction. He hasn't had sex in years. You see it as odd, but you move on to the love. You find out he was in love once. It was several years ago and the girl really screwed him up. As he speaks on it, he gets emotional. He even cries a little because the memories of how she abandoned him are still fresh. You don't know what to say. You're not even sure if you should say anything. Do you try to reassure him that you are different?

You are at work when he approaches you. He's tall, dark, and handsome. Plus he smells good. He feeds your mind with the idea of going to a fancy restaurant and grabbing some food. You fall for the offer and let him charm you. After spending some time together he starts to want more out of you. He's ready to spend nights at your house, you spend nights at his, and he even wants home cooked meals. However, upon discussing what you two are doing he is not sure. He claims you are just "talking," but that you are more than friends. He doesn't want to call it dating, because his feelings have been hurt. He remembers how the last girl used him for his money and then left him for what she thought was better. He admits that sometimes when he looks at you, you still sees her. What do you do? Do you continue on and hope he starts to trust you more? Do you run as fast as you can away from him?

You don't remember where you met him at, but he always smells nice. His deep voice turns you on too and he's really good in bed. However, while you are trying to be in a serious long term relationship he just wants to be free. He sees freedom as being able to sleep with many women with no worries and not be tied down to one woman. On the other hand, he also tells you that he is not comfortable with sleeping with more than one woman at a time. He really likes you, but just doesn't want to be tied down. Do you wait until he is no longer confused or do you find a man that knows what he wants right now?

Okay, I didn't answer her question. I want you to. Help me out. Should we give damaged men a chance and why?

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