Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Move That Knowledge Poem (Move That Dope)

Young girl move that knowledge
Push it
Young girl move that knowledge
Push it
She's studied hard
Taking education so seriously
It's written all over her face that she's smart
From the moment she could read
She's taken all the lessons in
From English Grammar and Math Classes
To Sciences and all types of history lessons
How generations ago her people were sneaking to read
Discovering visions of freedom in others words
To wanting to experience freedom for themselves
Going from escaping slavery
To starting up first African American Schools
And yet after doing so much the inequality was still there
She's studied on her people
How they've gone from working for practically nothing
To protesting for better
Better emotional treatment and better physical treatment
Blacks wouldn't always be seen as less than
Blacks wouldn't be the ones who settled for less
We would be able to interact and live just like everyone else
She's studied on how we've never been a culture to settle
Harriet Tubman wanted us out of slavery
WEB Dubois was a man who wanted equal rights for us
Rosa Parks was tired of moving to the back of the bus
All because of her skin tone
And Martin Luther King had a dream
A dream that we should all make sure is taking place
She's studied how as a culture some of us are better
Black entertainers showing that we can be millionaires
And black politicians showing the power of working hard
And yet with all that knowledge
Sometimes she forgets to educate the masses
And she joins them in another type of headspace…

To be continued

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