Sunday, March 30, 2014

#RealityTelevision Relationships, Arguing, And Cheating

PreachersDaughters, via Twitter
This week several reality shows touched on different relationship issues. I didn't watch every single reality show on television, but the ones that I did watch helped a lot with the kind of love I'm looking for. The following is what was broadcast:

Preachers Daughters- In the name of teenage love, Taylor Coleman tried to date two boys at the same time. The problem is they both asked her to prom. She rejected the guy (Demorius or however you spell it) and went with Spencer. She lied to one in order to keep them both happy. The bigger issue was at prom when one of Taylor's fake friends decided to flirt with Spencer. The friend tried to divert the issue by bringing up that Taylor already had a boyfriend. Spencer didn't know. He was upset and left. On the other hand Taylor decided to confide in her other boo and was kicked to the curb by him as well.

Mary Mary- Tina and Erica are pissing me off with this season's Mary Mary. They've been so unprofessional since the beginning anyway. They put family first (as should happen), turned the weirdest of disagreements into fights (it happens), walked out on rehearsals, showed up just in time for concerts, and through so much anger toward Mitchell Solarek. Actually Tina and Erica are regular business women with issues that they would rather blame on anyone other than themselves. But that's not what this post is about.

Tina's husband had several affairs. We see her upset, happy just because he showed up with flowers, and then trying to figure out how they are going to handle all that shit going public.

Mary Bootcamp- Marriage Bootcamp is the greatest spinoff show idea since the first episode of Bridezilllas aired. Producers knew these couples would be struggling as the years went by so they made  excellent preparations. This is actually the second season of Marriage Bootcamp and the issues with the couples are tougher. They argue a lot and they judge the other couples a whole lot. But they really argue a whole lot.

Unfortunately I'm nowhere near teenage years anymore. I also have no desire to date more than one man at a time. You may think it's crazy, but it makes perfect sense for me. Dating more than one man at a time means intimately sharing myself with more than one man. I'd rather just handle one. For this same reason, the thought of cheating is very disturbing. The thoughts of even dealing with a man that cheats is even worse. I couldn't be as forgiving as Tina. Her husband slept with several different women and she has to be comfortable with that. If a man like that had already stepped out on me several times, it would be clear he has no respect for me or the boundaries set in our relationship.

I also don't like to argue. I'm about to use an example of arguing and if the guy happens to see this he knows who he is. I was dating this guy at one point and he liked to argue. I didn't like arguing. The more I thought of it the more the realization came that arguing over not wanting to argue is a crazy argument within  itself. See how easy it is to pick a fight.

Upon speaking on one of the couples from Marriage Bootcamp arguing in their confessional, the wife (Mai Lee) responded by saying they argued all the time. She also said her and her husband may not have liked each other, but they loved each other. I took this to a Facebook forum and found out a lot of people agree with that. One person wrote the following statement toward it.

"Yeah cause my parents always getting into it with each other but they inseparable. 30+ years married"

Initially the relationship topic was giving me a headache, but I've come to the conclusion relationship issues are the gifts that keep on giving.

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