Friday, March 21, 2014

Dear Sexual Creeps, No Sucking Toes At Walmart

Sometimes I ask questions related to getting through the day and other times I just dish out real life advice. This is one of those real life stories you might not believe at first. 

A man, 31 year old Michael Brown, was arrested at Walmart for sucking a woman's toes. You know how Walmart workers dress? Without him having on his badge, this woman believed he was actually an employee. I'm guessing his black skin was what made her believe him. 

Anyway, she said he wanted her to try on shoes. Shoes isn't even what she went to Walmart for in the first place. Although that doesn't matter. You can easily go to that store for one thing and walk out with 20 other things. This woman walked out of the store after getting a horrible foot massage by a stranger's mouth. 

He took her to the shoe department and told her that he was a student doing research and needed a picture of her foot. Instead of taking a picture, he stuck the foot in his mouth. This takes foot fetishes to a new level. 

Afterward the woman called her husband and the police. In the video below she was clearly upset. No one should have her toes in their mouth. There's a lesson here. To all the freaky people in the world, keep your freakiness out of Walmart. They don't tolerate sucking toes. They probably don't tolerate ass eating or any other forms of sexual activity either. 

Now if you were ever thinking about making Walmart a part of your freaky catalogue you now know not to do it. 

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