Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Is Work More Important Than Health? #BloodSweatHeels

picture via Facebook
Daisy Lewellyn, of Blood Sweat and Heels, has cancer. This is a serious disease that no one under any circumstances takes as a game. However, as the 2nd episode from season 2 of BSH aired, Daisy seemed to not fully understand what she was going through. The doctor was telling her to stay in a clean environment and get rest. She was thinking about how she needed money to keep up her lifestyle. This means she was styling clients while also following the obligations of being on a reality television show. While following the obligations, Daisy was also going to doctor's appointments and fighting through the pain. So is work more important than health?

Some jobs in corporate America don't have sick days. Although a lot of people won't admit it, they are overworked and underpaid. People start coughing and continue to go to work in order to avoid missing days off. People develop health issues from stressing, but don't take out the time to rest until it is too late. I guess I could be one of those people. Money means a lot and we neglect ourselves for it.

However, should it be that way? Should we be focusing more on a healthy lifestyle or is money always the motive?