Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lessons From Love & Hip Hop Season 4 So Far #LHHATL

We're two episodes into season four of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and the cast is just as entertaining as ever. While the first episode left us in doubt of how this season would go, the second episode is back to normal. There are strippers, baby mamas, skeptical wives, husbands that want to cheat, female pimps, Stevie J., and of course Joseline. There's also a lot to learn. The following are just a couple lessons from these first two episodes.

At Some Point, You Have To Walk Away From The Pole and the good money that comes along with it. In the very first episode there was Karlie Redd and two random red-head women celebrating the very last day of one of the women stripping. They bragged about how the business allowed the one girl to make huge amounts of money, but she also pointed out how she wanted more for her life.

By The Looks of Joseline, You Can Walk Away From The Pole but the spirit of it doesn't leave you that easily. Joseline was dressed more like a stripper than she had in the previous seasons.

"If A Man Is Shady, His Hiding Place Is Gonna Be Shady Too." Karlie Redd is the queen of looking for trouble and Rasheeda used her to do some dirt. What happened to that perfect relationship her and Kirk had? Were they only happy for a couple of months after the camera started rolling?

Even If He Is A Cheater, Fight To Get Him Back. This is Young Joc's second season on LHHATL, but he's proving that he is worth staying. While he and Karlie Redd did not work out, he's dating the woman he was cheating on her with. Young Joc is also being pressured to get back with his fourth baby mama just because she might want more kids. This is a representation of how desperate some women will get to have the perfect looking family.

Some Women Just Don't Grow Wiser, or maybe it's just MiMi Faust. MiMi will never get it. She thinks meeting a man at a park in the dark will prove she's no longer dating him. Nope, that's how dead bodies get found by joggers the next day.

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