Sunday, April 26, 2015

#RIP This One Is Dedicated To The Homie, Body Central

The most horrible news came my way this weekend. One of my favorite places to shop is closing it's doors everywhere. Body Central is official out of business. 

"This one's dedicated to my homies in that gangsta lean. Why'd you have to go so soon? It seems like yesterday we were hanging around the hood. Now I'm gonna keep your memory alive like a homie should."

Since filing for bankruptcy, the store has closed tons of locations across the country. Those include the locations in Houston that I used to spend a lot of time at. In fact only Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina still have locations open, but after this weekend they will be closed forever. It's tragic that a corporation that was once popular enough to compete with Forever 21 is now just a memory. 
In remembrance of Body Central, I've posted some pictures to represent my great styles that came from shopping there. 

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