Thursday, April 16, 2015

We All Wanted To Marry Someone As Kids

KeKe Palmer responded to rumors of her possibly having mushy eyes for Cory Hardrict. She doesn't.

Cory just happens to be married to Tia Mowry.  This all comes out after they and many others attended the Brotherly Love movie premiere recently. The rumor was actually started by Tia, who subtweeted saying it's not cute to crush on married men and then later deleted it. Now where did Tia get this idea from?

KeKe Palmer spoke to Wendy Williams and cleared everything up. In the interview KeKe stated that she wanted to marry Cory when she was 10 years old. At 21 years old she does not see anything attractive about a married man with kids.

Its crazy how words get misinterpreted. We all had a crush on someone as a kid. Despite his many bad boy images, Fredro Starr was one of my childhood crushes. According to google at the tender age of 43 he's still single. Who did you crush on?

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