Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Questions That Never Seem To Get Answers

There is a lot going on. Some of it is in a city near you, some on television, and some on your social media news feeds. Even if the chaos isn't what you are seeing outside of your front door, there are lots of people making sure you know what is going on.

Just because you see doesn't mean you have to agree. This is where the chaos gets more chaotic. We live in a world where we are expected to always agree with each other, but that is never reality. People who agree with each other are on Facebook, twitter, and even Instagram arguing with each other. People who disagree are spending hours on these same sites trying to change each other's minds. It's one of the ways we operate. We either argue until we agree or we stay silent for fear of someone trying to change our minds. There are currently several arguments going on.

Freddie Gray
The first fact we know about Freddy Gray's death is that he was wrongfully targeted by crooked cops. They saw him, he ran, and they had no reason to run after him. However, they did chase him and in the process murdered him. One argument that is going on is what happened for him to be arrested. The cause really doesn't matter at this point, but the debate is going. Another debate that is going on is what should happen to police. While the answer of how the police involved should be punished sounds easy, the people protecting them are making it hard.

The Police
Deaths such as Freddie Gray's always brings up a never ending argument. That argument involves the power of police officers. How much power should police have? Are their jobs really to protect and serve the community? At what point are they going to be punished for the crimes they commit?

Mother Of The Year
While we wait to see if the police will be punished in any type of way for this crime, a Black mother has gotten fame for hitting her son upside his head several times in front of CNN cameras. She's now known as the best mom of 2015 for embarrassing her son in front of television cameras and dragging him away from protestors. Her actions have also started debates online about good parenting.

The Activist Who Got Arrested On Live Television
There's a huge pattern going on. We love reality television and the drama that comes with it. We love watching other people's lives as they live them. Currently CNN and Fox news are airing real moments of real people. Most recently cameras that were filming on major news networks caught Activist Joseph Kent being arrested by cops for being out after curfew. The video looks more like a kidnapping. It is a kidnapping.

Remember we love reality television, but should this be real life? Should any of it be our reality?