Monday, April 26, 2010

I Got A Problem...My Latest Poem

 This is my newest poem...
I Got A Problem
Written 4/26/2010

“I got a problem…I like to fuck
I got a problem… I like to fuck
I got a problem…I like to fuck”
But I’m not Trina
I repeat
I’m not Trina
When he sees me he’s already getting images of pinning me against the wall, combining himself with me, trying to make me scream and shout, nice and wet is how he‘s imagining me, his imagination running so wild that he busts a nut before he even touches me, but he’s getting himself back together, so the two of us can become in sync, creating a nice rhythm, going at it all night, so much that by morning the neighbors can phonetically spell both our names…Yeah, his imagination is running wild…As he licks his lips thinking this is it…and then I stop him…Shit slips out his mouth. He’s craving my body, thirsting for my cum, hungry for my sex…but I’m not ready yet…he hasn’t turned me on. He doesn’t know my interests, hasn’t tried to kiss me. He’s just ready to treat me like a prostitute and stick his dick in me…but I’m not having it cause…
I’m not Trina
I repeat
I’m not Trina
I’m demanding respect…a man that caters to me…dinner and a movie, is that too hard? I want him to wine and dine me…treat me nicely…don’t call me sexy…call me Miss Too Sexy…Beautiful…Woman of his dreams…seduce me so the love-making, not sex, will be that much more wonderful…
Or is that unrealistic?
I’m looking for love
But he’s looking for sex.
He doesn’t want love…he’s young and has the rest of his life ahead of him…lots more girls for his future…I’m just here now…just a girl that has what he wants, something so precious between my thighs, but to him I can easily give it up…
So I listen to Trina, see how I can fix the situation…make it to my advantage.  Then I realize he’s a lame and the ball’s been in my court. So since he can’t figure out how to please me…I invite him over, make him get on his knees, make him beg and plead until it starts to excite me…and we proceed to have sex, not make love,  just fuck.

To Be Continued...

I have a confession. I like to tease niggas and this song is perfect for doing just that.

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