Friday, April 2, 2010

Yesterday I Committed A Murder

"B*tches get jealous, cause I'm quite cocky. Since 14 ain't nann h*e stop me"- Diamond from My Chick Bad Remix

Yesterday I committed a murder, risked receiving twenty to life, all for a glimpse of excitement, wanted to see what it was like to live the Barbie lifestyle, throw on my blonde wig, ride out reckless and wild, but no Ken for me. Instead seduce the Wayne’s, Diddy’s and then kick them to the curve for my own television show. After all p*ssy rules the world, so I’d use my sex and have all the guys on TV screaming “THAT’S A MILLION DOLLAR GIRL.” Have my motto be “I’m so bad, I’m so hood, I’m the girl yo’ man wish he could,” work my way to the top using the road other girls would rather not travel, then jump just to see what it feels like to fall, but the fall wouldn’t happen because someone would catch me, put a mic in my hand, stick me in front of an audience to reveal the secrets to success, but I wouldn’t be a success. More like a hot mess, but hot mess sells. Thinking of the entertainment industry as I talk, I would tell them to kill their goals of being doctors, lawyers, and counselors and instead go for the next female rapper or video girl or Barbie like me. Money over everything would be so embedded on me that people would have no choice but to call me the baddest b*tch, worship every ground that I walk on, and try to imitate my style. They wouldn’t be able to copy me though, cause I’d be so off the wall I’d have Oprah in awe. I’d be so praised committing that murder would be more than worth it; killing the innocent, scared little girl would pay off; killing the boring, monotonous, tiresome, always stuck in the same routine girl would be the best thing in the world. Yesterday I committed that murder; decided I wouldn’t do twenty to life cause barbies aren’t fit for prison. Instead I jumped, discovered happiness, and found out taking the risk of falling might be the best thing that ever happened to me.

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