Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poet Of The Day: Me

Recently I submitted some poems for publication in a book and they were accepted. One poem that the publisher liked most was called "Bag Lady." "Bag Lady" was originally written last semester for my poetic techniques class. At the time I was trying to think of new poems to write and listening to Erykah Badu at the same time. I was glad I was listening to Erykah Badu, because she inspired me.


I’m a bag lady
Carrying all may bags around
They’re weighing on me heavily
But can’t seem to put any of them down
Once tried to lose a bag
Sat it on the ground and walked away
Felt no sadness
As I turned my back on it
At that moment
Even decided
There was no way I would miss it
Went months
No thought of it
No one brought it up
It was like the bag had never been there
Never crossed my life
Never entered my heart
Never ever existed
Then something happened
Had me mad
And kind of frightened
The experience took me back years
Years I thought
Could be erased and forgotten
The experience hurt
But it brought that bag back into my life
Started going through it
Found memories worth keeping
Memories worth seeking
Memories that could
Leave my future looking easier
Memories that could
Make me proud to be a
Bag Lady
So, I’m a bag lady
Carrying all my bags around
I have
Happy bags
Sad bags
Mad bag
Bags that help me to be a little lazy
And bags that keep me from going crazy
They’re all weighing on me heavily
But can’t seem to put them down
Cause every bag seems to contain a little bit of my past
And each bag seems to
Contain a little help toward
Getting me to my future
So, I’m a bag lady
Oh yes
I’m a bag lady

My poems and several other great poets will soon be in the book called "Songs Of The Unspoken Tongue, VOL. 1," so look out for it.

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